The best online marketing company in Egypt

It is common for many entrepreneurs that they do not need to use the means of a marketing company and pay money for this type of marketing, and this is one of the common mistakes that they make. The spread of their products and services, in addition to allowing their products and services to be delivered to the largest number of potential customers, means an increase in annual sales and profits than before, and be fully confident once you make the decision to establish a marketing company plan at the hands of the best marketing companies in Egypt such as (The Tailor) company, It will help you to develop and improve your business.


One of the most important means of e-marketing that a marketing company creates
  (The Tailor):

Web design and programming (Web Designing and Development).
Web hosting.
Designing the largest electronic stores (E-Commerce development).
Designing smart phone applications (App Designing).
E-Mail Marketing.
Social media marketing.
Search engine marketing (Seo Marketing).
ERP systems for companies and factories.
Graphic designs.

What is an electronic marketing company?

It is considered one of the modern forms of marketing. It is an electronic marketing company - relatively - that began to spread during the nineties and early twenty-first century coinciding with the increase in people who became dependent on computers and smart phones in various matters of their daily lives, so the interest of companies, brands and an electronic marketing company increased with the aim Reach out to potential customers online through various digital marketing channels.

An electronic marketing company includes all the activities that the company carries out via the Internet for the purpose of reaching new customers in addition to maintaining existing customers, and developing its brand identity.

  The services provided by the e-marketing company vary, and it has several forms, for example - but not limited to - including:

Search Engine Optimization SEO.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
Email marketing.
Social media marketing.
Content marketing.
Commission marketing, and other types.

Advantages of using an e-marketing company:

Among the services provided by an electronic marketing company to companies that help them achieve their goals:

Accuracy in targeting potential customers for your product or service: Traditional means such as: TV ads, radio, magazines, road ads generally depend on the strategy of reaching as many customers as possible, regardless of the accuracy of targeting, in the hope of reaching a number of people interested in products or services. offered by your company, and one of the problems with this strategy is that it may fail to obtain a sufficient number of potential customers to compensate for the high costs of the marketing campaign that you paid to reach this number of customers who are not precisely targeted - and thus the marketing campaign becomes unsuccessful in many cases.
Contributes to providing convenience and freedom for the seller and the buyer, with regard to the buying and selling decision, as it allows the customer to know all the available details about the product and to see the opinion of the customers who bought the product and know their experience, which gives the customer the opportunity to confirm the purchase process or not, also it allows the freedom to pay the customer and non-compliance By means of cash payment, where bank cards can be used, which means easy payment.
E-marketing helps to make your product available permanently, and this feature cannot be achieved by regular marketing, as there is no way with a regular marketing company that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It allows an e-marketing company to display any quantity of your product without having to pay more costs, as is the case in regular marketing.
Segmentation of the target market: dividing customers into groups according to a specific classification, based on accurate information collected from customers. This strategy also reduces marketing costs, and raises conversion and sales rates, as each product is customized according to the interest of each customer, and thus the marketing campaign becomes more effective. .
Where the customer's buying journey begins - often - via the Internet. We often resort - when searching for a specific product or service - before making purchase decisions, as there are statistics showing that about 63% of purchases begin via the Internet, and therefore companies and brands must have a presence It has powers over the Internet in order to increase the chances of attracting the customer to buy from them.

Ease of targeting shoppers over the phone, as some new statistics showed that the number of phone shoppers has reached about 50% of the total online shoppers, and this number is constantly increasing, and therefore if you rely only on traditional marketing, you will not be able to reach that segment of buyers over the phone. It is also possible to take advantage of the advantages of e-marketing to target phone shoppers by providing them with a convenient experience that is compatible with the phone.
Provide a response for a particular decision:
An example of this: If you publish an advertisement on television to sell a product of your company, and some customers like this product and decide to buy it, will their response be immediate? Most customers will not buy the product immediately, but as soon as possible when they are close to the store, or at best they will contact you by phone, but this remains less effective with a large number of communications. Certain, with the click of a button, go to the purchase page, or communicate with the store via messages to order the product, even in the worst cases, if the customer is currently busy 

In purchasing the product later, he can also save the publication or write it down to complete the purchase after that.

Follow-up on the customer’s purchasing journey: The customer goes through several successive stages via the Internet known as the customer’s journey, and it consists of several stages that start with awareness of the existence of a problem that needs a solution and end with obtaining loyalty and recommendation from customers.
Some of the stages that can be identified during the customer's journey with a marketing company are:
Attraction: At this stage, the customer faces a problem, and tries to search for information or solutions to it - and in this case the customer is a stranger to the company - and it is possible to work to attract him by creating content - which he is looking for and useful in finding a solution to his problem - and publishing it on blogs and websites. social networking or search engines.
Communication or Communication: In this case, the customer becomes a visitor to the company and begins to interact with it through various marketing channels, such as: e-mail, phone messages, newsletters, with the aim of communicating in order to collect all data about the customer, and present offers that arouse his interest and push him to continue. in the purchase process.
Interaction: In this case, the customer becomes a potential customer for your product or company, as he begins to compare all the different options and think about the purchase step.
Purchase: The customer makes the final decision to complete the purchase process.
Post-purchase service: The level of service that the customer receives after completing the purchase process, the extent of his satisfaction with the post-purchase transaction, and what problems he encountered when using the product.
Loyalty: Here, the role of the customer shifts from a buyer to a mentor and recommender of your brand to the people close to him.
Expenses and performance can be tracked: It allows daily tracking of marketing campaigns in the amount of money you want to spend on each channel of a marketing company.
Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), to decide whether the campaign needs some improvements.


The most important reasons that encourage you to seek the services of a marketing company (The Tailor):


More than 10 years of experience and high efficiency in the field of e-marketing, and you can consider us the best e-marketing company in Egypt.
Our team can highlight your business in a distinctive way that helps your business thrive and spread online very quickly.
We have an integrated team consisting of the most skilled content writers in the Arab world, experienced in creating attractive content that can market your products or services in a convincing and attractive manner.
It provides you with new and innovative ideas for your e-commerce so that you can get a distinguished position among competitors via the Internet.
It mainly targets smart phones due to the importance of smart phones mainly due to the importance of smart phones in our current era, as you cannot do without them in any field.
Enhancing your presence on the Internet by contributing to gaining credibility for your company in front of customers, as well as leaving a good and lasting impression on customers, which works to enhance and enrich your customer base.
The possibility of providing new and innovative ideas that help you distinguish between your competitors online.
A team of experts in the field of SEO techniques and keywords that make your site appear on the first pages of search engines to attract more potential customers.

It may come to your mind - sometimes - to save the costs of the marketing campaign, as it may be tempting to promote your services yourself, but it should be noted that when using an e-marketing company, this will be an investment of your money and your business because when using the services of the best e-marketing companies in Egypt, for example, you can Promote your business on a large scale - unlike the regular marketing campaign - for example: The Tailors Marketing Company is the best digital marketing company in Egypt, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of electronic marketing in Egypt, and they also have a team of designers and programmers at the highest level of experience and competence .