One of the most important features in the world of programming and the digital world today is the emergence of applications for passenger transportation, so many entrepreneurs have become in need of programming an application such as Uber and Careem because it helped many people to easily move to and from their homes. Before programming an application such as Uber and Careem, there were many problems that You meet, for example, mothers when sending their children to schools, they need to check on them and their places while they are back and forth in modern transportation applications that helped to know their places easily and other features that we will mention in the following article

Programming an application such as Uber and Careem:

Why did most people turn today to programming an application such as Uber and Careem, because these applications have achieved great success in the business world today and have become one of the leading applications in the field of transportation and communication by providing many features in flexibility with customers by providing drivers in various places and at different times, which Making the user feel comfortable and safe. This is in addition to knowing the cost in advance before taking off, unlike what happens in traditional taxis. In sum, we can say that Uber and Careem got a wide reputation that enabled them to sweep the transportation applications market in our current era, but this does not prevent free competition for all Entrepreneurs, because every activity on the ground has flaws and loopholes. Therefore, if you intend to program an application such as Uber and Careem, you have a set of tips and instructions that must be followed.

How to program an application such as Uber and Careem:

The Uber and Careem application specialized in transportation services, as it provided the user with modern air-conditioned cars that are comfortable to move inside and outside the governorates, and it is considered a quantum leap in the field of transportation. If you want to program an application such as Uber and Careem, you can contact The Tailors Company because it is considered a great experience in the process of designing an application such as Uber and Careem.

What is the Uber and Careem application:

It is one among a group of transportation applications that have achieved success by enabling individuals to move freely with ease and safety, whether this use is related to personal transportation or shipping luggage and purposes without the need to accompany them and arrive at the specified time and you can follow them through the application while you are in your place, available Both the Uber and Careem application have two versions of Android and iPhone, and are flexible in the process of registering and opening an account through the application or the website.

The application is available in more than one programming language, which helps foreigners to easily use the application. All Uber and Careem captains are committed to good appearance and tact in speech. The user interface in the Uber and Careem application is divided into three:

1/ User or client interface:

The possibility of registration by phone number or e-mail.

Map of determining the driver's path within the map.

Easy to search for places.

Clarification of the color and number of the car and all its details.

Providing more than one method of payment during the trip or after arrival.

Ease of communication with the support team regarding complaints and suggestions.

The ability to share the location and car details with anyone else.

There are many options regarding choosing the type of car.

The possibility of canceling the trip without paying any fees in case the captain does not move.

The most important point is the existence of an evaluation of the trip after arrival so that others can know the advantages and disadvantages.

There is an option to accept or reject promotional messages at any time.


2/ Driver application interface:

When designing and programming an application such as Uber and Careem, the captain or partner interface must be as follows:

1/ The possibility of registering, joining, submitting all documents online, and clarifying the criteria for rejection and acceptance.

2/ There are many payment gateways to feed the account with ease.

3/ Clarifying alerts on the map for crowded places and ways to avoid them.

4/ The possibility of knowing the connected captains and their locations.


3/ Control Panel or Operation System:

* The possibility of knowing the group of users or passengers and captains.

* The possibility of accepting and rejecting cars according to the model of cars.

* Know the total profits for each trip.

* The ability to identify customer complaints and interact with them easily.

* The ability to add and delete users.

* The ability to send discount coupons and offers.


Characteristics to be added when programming an application such as Uber and Careem:

1/ Provide a dedicated window for complaints and suggestions to continuously develop the application’s features.

2/ Not narrowing the range of cars that are allowed to be registered and accepting only modern models.

3/ Ensure that the user's location is accurately located.

4/ There must be a quick means of communication to respond to customer complaints.


How much does it cost to program an application such as Uber and Careem:

Many entrepreneurs think about programming an application such as Uber and Careem, but what goes on in their minds is the cost of programming an application such as Uber and Careem, which reduces the passion for starting the process of programming an application such as Uber and Careem in a competitive manner.

What many people do not know is that the cost of designing an application such as Uber and Kareem is inexpensive in the various famous and well-known application design companies we have.

The Tailors company usually offers the best prices for designing mobile applications for Android and iPhone, with the best ideas and designs, so if you want to design an application, you can request quotes.

The impact of Uber and Careem applications on the general economy:

Transportation applications such as Uber and Careem have helped to increase the general income of the individual in addition to the gross national product of the state paid in the form of tax and others, as a person was dependent on one source of income because he finds it difficult to reconcile more than one job at the same time due to the inconsistency of time because after Programming an application such as Uber and Careem, the individual has become able to work at any time commensurate with the nature of his other work, that is, there is flexibility in time. 

Money while you are on the way, so you have helped these applications to increase and revive the economy.


Features of designing and programming an application such as Uber and Careem:

* The best types of applications in terms of registering and creating accounts.

* User interface is easy to handle and easily recognizable.

Availability of many payment methods that enable the user to pay in the manner that suits him.

* Provides security by providing all driver data to the user at any time.

* Providing many discount coupons and offers that help attract users and make them support and promote the application.

* Availability of the application in more than one language and the ease of submitting complaints and suggestions

An application programming company such as Uber and Careem from The Tailors

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