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The world of the Internet appeared suddenly around the world, and although it is easy to use and many people are accustomed to it, some people sometimes do not know what exactly happens in the process of running the sites and what the site consists of. Therefore, there are many people asking about what is the difference between domain and hosting, and are the two the same type? Also, there are those who think that the site can work through the domain only or hosting because the two are complementary to each other.
What is hosting:

It is a group of computers that operate 24 hours without interruption to receive and send requests for website files. These devices have special specifications and serve as the place through which files are received.
When the name of the site or the domain is written, the request is sent to the hosting and the site files are transferred to your browser. Examples of agencies that provide hosting services are many, such as Godaddy and HouseGator.

What is a domain:

  This is done by hosting this URL. The domain is the phrase name or domain through which the site is accessed, also known as the title
Domain The domain name or the domain is by choosing the user according to the name he wants to name it, but on condition that it has not been reserved before today. The domain accepts any slight difference in the name and does not accept except for the exact match. There are many types of extensions for domain names such as
  And the domain is composed of a group of numbers divided into four parts - .org - .edu - .net etc…
The computer can remember these numbers easily and without even any error in the process of retrieving these sites.
But because remembering the arrangement of these numbers on a person is a complicated issue, the domain name was used for ease of remembering. One of the characteristics of the domain is that it is renewed annually, and in the event that it is not renewed after two months, the domain or the name of the system is displayed for auction and anyone can buy it.

The difference between domain and hosting:

As we explained earlier that the domain and hosting are complementary to each other, that is, a website cannot work with only two domains without hosting, nor hosting without a domain. For example, if the domain is the name of the company and a set of regulations and laws for the company, then hosting is the place where this company is actually located. It is not possible to have a company name and files without a website for it, and there is no point in having an empty place without the company name or regulations.

How to connect a domain to hosting:

Domain and hosting are complementary services to each other, as the two can be ordered from one place, and in this case the linking is automatic. If the domain is from a company and the hosting or host is from another company, it requires linking the domain to hosting through what is known as
  Each company has its own DNS that differs from the other. It is placed in the domain and then moved to host or hosting and DNS work
Connect by putting the domain name on it and pressing Create.
The process of linking a domain to hosting usually takes 24-48 hours, but this does not mean that it sometimes takes a few hours, depending on the hosting.

The best hosting price in Egypt:

  We divide hosting into a group of parts, the tailors. Many people are looking for the best website hosting price. We are in a company
Sizes suitable for each client’s website at nominal prices. In the process of choosing hosting and its prices, it must be taken into account that hosting must be commensurate with the size of the site. For example, if you have guests that you receive somewhere, it is normal that you cannot receive 1000 people in a place that can accommodate 200 people. The same idea is that the size of the hosting It must be commensurate with the number of visitors to the site, that is, if your site is very large and has a huge number of visitors, you must choose a large hosting, and the greater the hosting size, the higher its cost.

The fastest web hosting in the Arab world:

When talking about the speed of hosting, you must take into account that the hosting size that suits your site has been chosen and is the best and fastest
  It is considered the best among most hosting companies, but it is complex in terms of connectivity (AWS) (hosting companies are Amazon)
And it needs experience in the maintenance and technical support process, in addition to its high cost compared to its counterparts.

Which is better hosting, the fastest or the cheapest:

Each type has its own request and the need for it is mostly the owners of small and introductory non-profit websites need a lower-cost web hosting. As for the large companies and the owners of the profitable website, they usually need the fastest hosting.
There are some hosts that offer the two together more closely, which helps owners of average websites to choose them. Examples of these companies are Godaddy - Housegutter and others.
How much does it cost to buy a domain per year?
The price of buying a new domain differs from the domain that was used for a period and was not renewed and was withdrawn from its owner. Usually, the domain purchase prices range between 80-150 Egyptian pounds, but sometimes there are discount coupons that reach the price in half.
The process of buying a domain is easy, and anyone can make a domain purchase by entering the domain selling sites and writing the domain name that you want to buy. If the domain is reserved, it will be explained to you. If it is not reserved, you can buy it directly.

What is the difference between a server and a domain:

The difference between the server and the domain is the same as the difference between the domain and hosting, as it is one of the names of hosting as well, the server and the host. The domain is the address of the sites, and the server is the container in which the files of the site are placed.

  :- Domain and Domain Controller The difference between

  It is the main controller in the operations of the domain controller, as it is known as the website address, as for the domain
Those domains and control over files.

How the domain works:

It is the same idea as buying a domain. This is done by entering the reservation site, writing the name of the domain to be purchased, and then completing the payment process.
What are the server problems:
This is very annoying error 502 may suffer a lot from the owners of a For the user and the search engines, because the user and the search engines prefer that when entering any site they must find it working normally to benefit from the information and get what they want in a good way. The reason for this type of error is the presence of a problem in the server or host such as a power outage or a connection problem In the network, but this happens sometimes from time to time, but if this problem is repeated continuously, this means that there is a problem with the host device. In this case, it is preferable to transfer the hosting to another better company.