Profit from websites:

  Today, the world has become digital, and the trends of profit and investment have all become digital. Therefore, if you want the best investment today, it is the websites, as the sources of profit are many and inexpensive in terms of creation and do not need to be spent periodically.

Other than profit from websites, there are other sources of profit from the Internet:

Profit from YouTube:

You can profit from YouTube by creating a channel and publishing your own content. The content represents the most important tool for attracting the user, through which profit is made from the Internet. YouTube profits are calculated by the set of views. The more the channel has many subscribers and participants, the more profits

Profit from Facebook:
One of the most profitable sources is Facebook, as a result of the presence of many users on the network on a daily basis, by creating special and varied content, it gets many views through which it gets many ads

Profit from applications:
  Many people make applications for the purpose of profiting from them, but soon they panic because of the inability to obtain profits, because one of the conditions for profiting from applications is obtaining a set of downloads, by submitting on an advertising platform such as or profiting by closing some features or Features and leave them paid and this is one of the most profitable ways to get admob

  A lot of money is usually used in scientific applications, games, and others.

  If the application is successful, you can sell it to an investor and get profits.

There are sources through which you can get design profits

Application design by a programming company:

  Its prices range from $2,500 to $300 to teach programming separately. If you have a passion for practicing the field and some money, you can

Learn programming separately:

If you have a passion in practicing the field and some time and money, you can learn programming and design your own application by benefiting from the experience in designing other paid projects and working in this field as a programmer. There are many platforms that work on online education and rely on a set of programming basics you can Through it, learn programming professionally

Ready-made application design:

  There are many sites that provide a way to design ready-made application templates without the need for prior knowledge of the method of writing the code. The best types of profit from websites:

  You can make online profit by preparing and equipping the website by preparing the site for search engines in a large number of content on the site and getting visits to your website. Among the best types of profitable websites:

1/ Blog sites:

  Many sites provide a collection of articles in a specific field, and thus achieve visits to multiple cultural forums that can be distinguished

  Cultural forums

Due to the multiplicity of different topics in the fields, which makes there is a great demand for them and the rapid spread of their provision

Sites to provide free services and tools, and to provide some sites for the development and building of programs to provide services

Saudis, application services are free, especially if you choose your audience carefully. Ways to profit from websites through a program from Google that provides a service for booking places and advertising spaces. Display ads are calculated and appear for every 1000 through advertisement posts. You can display articles to your website by adding what is called search engine optimization Payment is made on these posts or articles individually


Affiliate Marketing:

One of the most important and best features in the process of making a profit from the Internet and the website, which is a mediator between the seller and the buyer, and one of its advantages is that it is continuous.

It can be obtained by displaying content, for example, related to sports and football. When the user enters it, you can put a link for him in a store and complete the purchase process. Therefore, we find that the pictures of profit from websites and the Internet are many and varied. Commission marketing has appeared since 2006, due to participation in increasing sales. Use commission marketing through ads or through organic search.

Ways to earn through affiliate marketing:
1/ Content that satisfies the researcher’s desire:

When the user benefits and feels that the content is useful and full of information, then he is ready to follow all the instructions contained in the content via search engines.

2/ Affiliate marketing through videos:

Videos of various types and platforms are the most influential tools on the user and respond with ease and depend on the quality, accuracy and clarity of the sound.

Also, one of the ways to make money online is to offer online courses:
If you are proficient in a particular field and have the knowledge and ability to provide online courses, you can get an excellent additional income by promoting these courses or subscribing to sites that offer online course delivery services.


Profit from websites by watching ads:

This method appeared recently, by watching ads on common sites in the Google Partners Program, which is a common benefit between the two parties. Examples of these sites are many, for example, but not limited to:


Profit through dropshipping from the Internet:

It is a method used by many ambitious young people to provide them with the opportunity of financial freedom or financial independence. It is a mediation system between the manufacturer, the owner of the product or service, and the user, and providing the best services and products.

The dropshipping system is not expensive at all and does not need to manufacture a product or store it or anything else and does not require a certain amount of money and is not limited in the sense that you can work in different fields and there is no concern in terms of lack of demand or pressure from