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Hosting websites is one of the indispensable things for any website because websites do not work without hosting websites, and search engines are friendly to fast and safe hosting, so it is necessary to choose excellent and reliable website hosting.

  Types of web hosting:

1/ Shared web hosting:

They are hosting of large sizes that are reserved to transfer a group of sites known as shared hosting. They are usually used because of their low cost, and they are more widespread in the Arab world, which is the use of a group of shared server users instead of using a server for each site.

It is a software technology that divides the server into parts of equal size and sometimes into parts of different sizes according to capacities and costs for ease of management. It must be taken into account that the shared hosting is proportionate to the number of sites available and not relying on the fact that the sites do not use all the available spaces.

What are the disadvantages of shared web hosting:

1/ Although each site has its own space and its own control panel, in fact it shares a common central processing unit and a common data unit, so it can be easily hacked.

2/ Slow site speed due to hosting crowding compared to private servers.

3/ Shared web hosting is the worst type of hosting.

web hosting

Advantages of shared hosting:

1/ Low cost compared to private hosting, because the hosting price is divided among a group of sites, thus reducing its cost.

2/ Availability of technical support, ease of use and speed of solving problems because it is managed by specialized authorities.

3/ The possibility of reserving space for more than one site and using it for one site, yet its cost is lower than private hosting.

4/ Flexibility and ease of use, because it is managed by software engineers specialized in hosting business.


2/ Hosting the seller or reseller:

Most hosting companies in the Arab world are reseller or distributors, i.e. sub-companies that sell hosting services, and they are considered as intermediaries that do not deal with servers directly and are considered the main representative of the hosting affiliate.

The broker or reseller host registers as a distributor with the hosting company, takes spaces at lower prices than the user, divides them and sells them as he wants.

Disadvantages of hosting the reseller or distributor:

1/ You do not have full authority to control the hosts.

2/ If technical support does not respond quickly, it will cause you problems with your customers.

3/ Sometimes it's slow speed.

Advantages of hosting distribution:

1/ Distributor hosting is characterized by good financial return.

2/ You do not need a deep knowledge of how to work and maintain hosts.

3/ It does not need a dedicated script to manage the hosting company. You can use any script.


3/ Full server reservation:

Full servers or known as private servers, which is a special hosting reservation for one website and is usually used in high-visit websites belonging to government agencies or large companies, and sometimes it is used to add more than one website belonging to the same agency, whose prices differ from one company to another, discounts, offers, etc.

Types of web hosting

Disadvantages of booking a private server: -


1/ It needs experience to work on it and deal with it, so beginners cannot work on it.

2/ Sometimes the cost is high.

3/ Unavailability of a private party to follow up and manage the server.


Advantages of booking a full server: -


1/ High speed that accommodates any number of visitors.

2/ Ease of use and management of the control panel.

3 / Make free backups periodically.

4/ Hosts are highly secure and difficult to penetrate.

5/ Presence of technical support and quick response to maintenance.

6/ The possibility of increasing the hosting capacity at any time and according to the appropriate size.



4/ VPS server:

It is also known as the natural or virtual web server, to refer to the type of device that is placed on it, and in short for an English word that means virtual private server, and it is medium-use hosting. Private hosting, hosting

-: Vps hosting disadvantages

1/ One of the disadvantages of VPS hosting is that there are no small spaces.

2/ High-cost short-term subscriptions.

3/ There are some types that do not work on Windows operating systems, only Linux.


Among the advantages of VPS hosting are:

1/ The price is comparable to shared hosting in large sizes.

2/ It has its own easy-to-use control panel.

3/ Advanced and sophisticated central processing systems

4 / Payment system according to the volume of consumption, that is, you can reserve an area and use a smaller part.

5/ It works on more than one operating system.

6/ The presence of advanced and modern storage disks with high speeds.

7 / the possibility of backup.


5/ Radio hosts:

Live broadcast systems or radio hosting is a hosting that is installed on your site to communicate with customers through a live broadcast or to accumulate files on the hosting for a quick response.

The purpose of radio hosting is to facilitate better and faster communication between you and your customers.

Disadvantages of radio hosting:


1/ There is no number of listeners less than 100 per package.

2/ The high cost of subscription.

3/ There are no laws and standards for the content being broadcast.


Radio hosting features:


1/ The broadcast works continuously without any interruption.

2/ The possibility of broadcasting without being on the site permanently.

3/ The possibility of encoding the elements.

4/ The presence of a special control panel separate from the site.


The best web hosting companies in Egypt:

When talking about hosting companies, the owners and owners of websites are interested in talking because they are the ones who benefit or harm the most in terms of the type of hosting before the user, because if the site is for a profit or non-profit purpose, then the matter is related to the quality of hosting. Below we offer you some types of hosting that may help you in choosing the type of hosting :-

1/ Best hosting price and 

And quality in Egypt IMF Host.

2/ He also hosted the local Egy Hosting.

3/ The best in terms of quality is Godaddy.

4/ Also hosting House Jeter.

Aws 5/ Hosting is absolutely the best among local and global hosting Amazon


The best web hosting company in Egypt:

  Most of the businesses in Saudi Arabia are now achieving the growth of their sales through the Internet, so all owners of commercial activities in Saudi Arabia are looking for the best types of hosting in terms of quality and price. Among these companies are:

  Pixel 1: Hosting company

It is a company that provides hosting or reseller services in Saudi Arabia, and it was distinguished by the speedy performance of its hosting and also electronic marketing services.

Kayan 2/ hosting company

It is a Saudi hosting company that uses Canadian servers that provide fast technical support service and has a firewall that is difficult to penetrate.

 3/ best local hosting fatcow

Cat Foo is considered one of the best hosting services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to its ability to respond to all solutions and website creation services, in addition to its competitive prices.