Website and application design are services related to each other, whether you are looking for a website and application design company, or you intend to learn the skill of designing websites and applications, due to the recent increase in demand for it, and there are many places that provide this service and many sources that can be learned from, It is considered a complex process in terms of characteristics and learning and has a high profit compared to its efforts. In this article, we will learn about the most important companies that provide this service and the most important steps that are taken for the learning process.

* The best website and application design company:

Providing web and application design services for more than 18 years in the Egyptian market and the UAE. The tailors is a web and application design company

And Saudi Arabia, through a software team specialized in programming websites and applications, designing a secure and responsive interface, in addition to full encryption work and appropriate hosting for each site. We also provide electronic store design service.

Some websites need to add quality videos and graphic designs with the best designers in Egypt, so the company has a good reputation in the Egyptian market in particular and the UAE in general, due to the quality of services it provides and credibility in the work.

There are many companies in Egypt and the Arab world specialized in designing websites and applications, but the work standards differ from one institution to another in addition to the pricing policy compared to the services provided to customers. Therefore, before starting to deal with any institution, make sure of the type of service provided and its prices compared to the market.

There are some people who choose to design websites and applications at the lowest price, and he does not know that the matter will negatively affect him. The website or application may be a ready-made theme, and sometimes the websites do not contain a security layer, and any hosting size may not accommodate the visitors, so there is a set of criteria that must be Consider it before the price.


Design websites and applications

Application design:

Application design is considered today an indispensable necessity despite the spread of electronic commerce means and methods, but applications are considered at the first interface away from websites, electronic stores and social media platforms, for a number of reasons, including that applications do not need continuous marketing, and they also make the customer be permanently loyal to your brand commercial.

Therefore, it is preferable for each business to have its own application to display its products and services, obtain new customers, reduce promotion costs and increase sales.

What are the benefits of designing websites and applications:

1/ When designing websites and applications, it increases the confidence of the organization in the eyes of the customer.

2/ The absence of any temporal or spatial restrictions for inquiries, support or purchase.

3/ Sometimes sites need a fast internet or servers may not work when you have an application that helps you work better.

4/ Using more than one method to present your service or product.


* The steps that must be followed when learning the design of websites and applications: -

In order to become a professional website and application designer, you must take into account the following:

There is a set of basic skills in any business, such as working with a team or the ability to challenge, but among the basic programming skills is work under pressure, stamina, patience, and strength of focus, along with a set of skills that you will master with work. You must have a passion for learning programming and knowledge. Always aware of updates in the labor market.

There is a very large group of programming languages that interfere in the process of designing websites and applications that work together, and the process of mastering all these languages is a very complex matter and requires certain effort and capabilities. Many people ask is there a difference between working remotely and working from the office in terms of experience The answer is of course not. The tasks that you must be good at in the office are the same tasks that you must be good at remotely.

You can master any of these languages and enter the programming market. css - php - laravel - Swift are among the programming languages used

* The average prices for designing websites and applications in Egypt:

It is considered one of the most important things for business owners and website and application designers. Prices differ from one country to another and from one company to another according to the standards of each activity. If you want to design a website and an application at the same time, this helps you to get discounts in prices in addition to obtaining Ali Tawheed in quality. Mostly, the prices of designing websites and applications in Egypt range between 75,000 pounds - 95,000 pounds, according to the required characteristics and the type of site and application.


Design the websites and  the applications

What is web and application design?

It is the set of operations used in programming and creating websites and applications for user experience and interface in order to facilitate the process of access for the user when obtaining the best design of web applications.

What are the programs used in web design?

There are a group of programs that are involved in the web design process, including the following:

* WordPress ready-made template platform.

* Egyptian molds specialized in ready-made design and welt.

* OpenCart online store platform.

* Godaddy provides domain registration and design.

* Web design by Webflow.


# Designing websites and applications in a professional way: -

There is no doubt that everyone is looking for quality and professional design, but there are a set of criteria that must be taken into account when designing to avoid quality and design defects, including the following:

1- Ensure that the general concept of the website and application has been clarified with all its required elements and characteristics.
2- Full knowledge of the target audience's tastes, design and colors that suit their tastes and their need for the website or application.

3- Provide brief and useful content that satisfies the visitor's desire.

4- Make sure to choose the appropriate company that has a strong business precedent and provides after-sales service.

5- Presenting many ideas and proposals by the company to help the customer obtain the best options.


# Evil

I get the best options.


# Website design companies in Egypt:

The tailors dev There is a group of web design companies, but one of the best web design companies is

This is because it offers a range of highly professional software services, e-marketing services, social media campaigns and search engine optimization, in addition to many other services such as administrative systems that the market needs increasingly on a daily basis.

A programming language involved in the design of websites and applications:

There are many programming languages with common tasks in the work of designing websites and applications, including the JavaScript language. It is one of the best languages that work jointly between the design of websites and applications, through the creation of animated graphics and dynamic elements, and it is very important in programming and developing game applications, if you are looking for a language Programming suitable and required for the labor market. You have to learn. You have to learn JavaScript.