One of the best web design companies in Egypt: the tailors

When the world witnessed a great technological development in recent times, the existence of a website has become an absolute necessity for everyone who wants to enter the world of business and ease of access to new customers and improve the activity relationship with customers, so according to studies conducted by the marketing team research that designing websites helps To attract, promote and increase access to customers.

* The cost of establishing websites compared to the return on investment is very low and better than any previous traditional promotion. You can also get the best ideas and creative steps and facilitate the process of reaching customers.

* There are many customer management features integrated within the website because the website provides the number of visits and locations of customers and the duration of their stay on the site in addition to the age group.

* Ease of identifying customer desires by using a special page for customer suggestions, such as the possibility of adding new services or products.

* Ease of adding or deleting any new product information, unlike traditional means.

Website design

Why does your business require a website design:

I consider website design for any commercial or non-profit activity to be very necessary to be on the Internet because there are many things and reasons that explain the importance of website design:

* An indication of the transparency of the institution:

If the entity or organization is not documented and effective, then it does not provide the trademark with a website because it facilitates the complaints process, through the availability of all information on the products and services of that organization and customer experiences with these services.

Ease of reaching the target audience:

Through the website, you can easily reach your customers, and customers can communicate 24/7 days without any restrictions.

* Saving time and effort :-

By designing websites, it helps the organization to save a lot of time and effort required, and customers can obtain more information independently by phone or e-mail, and this reduces time and effort.

* The possibility of interaction and response to customers: -

Customers can, with integrity and transparency, freely express their opinions and experiences through comments, direct contacts, or evaluation, and by filling out the contact form, suggestions, and complaints.

What is the cost of designing a website:

The cost of designing a website is considered a non-uniform process for all types of websites, as it has many specifications on the basis of which the cost is determined, in addition to the size and type of content that is added to the site. the tailors There are many types that run up to $5,000 sometimes, so we're in

web design

All kinds of institutions in terms of cost.

The cost of web design is not stable, as it rises and falls from time to time according to the marketing seasons, as shown below:
The cheapest website design offers are 4000 pounds, and it includes designing 4 pages for the site, which is suitable for different devices, and it is called WordPress, in addition to hosting and domain costs.

Designing programming websites of all kinds, ranging between 2000-5000 dollars, because it is more complex and needs a lot of time and effort, and that includes hosting and domain.

website design

The most popular types of website designs in Egypt:

The process of designing websites is not limited to one type only, but depends on several types, with the work that the external appearance or the user interface is one, and among the types of website designs:

* Website with ready-made templates system.

* Sites designed in PHP language.

* Sites designed in Laravel language.

* Websites designed with the electronic store system.

Each of these types has its own characteristics and characteristics and has its own advantages and disadvantages, but we would like to understand the difference directly, as it is a time and material cost.

Website design prices

What are the steps to design a website for a company:

There are many business owners who tend towards designing a company website in a professional manner and at an appropriate cost, but the question is where does it start from. Below we explain the necessary steps:

* You must already have a name for your business and a logo to name your website, and you have complete freedom of choice in the name of the extension.

* Determine the size of the hosting, in proportion to the number of visitors to your activity and the size of the activity, and determine the budget that you can pay because it is paid periodically every year.

* Choose the method and cost to design the site. There are platforms with ready-made templates, such as WordPress, Commerce, OpenCart, and other different types, including what is professional, such as software sites.

* You must ensure that the site is protected and reliable.

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Why should you choose a suitable web design for display?

There are three ways by which you use display websites such as desktop, tablet and mobile, and mobile is the most used and most important for Google whenever your site is suitable for display in the three types.

What skills should web designers have:
Many beginners in the field of web design are looking for the required skills that must be mastered in their professional life. In this part, we will address the required skills:

* Mastering the basic skills and art of the visual design process. Simply put, the visual design is the front end for the web user, along with other visual elements, including colors, backgrounds, graphics, etc. It focuses on designing an interface that attracts the user and makes it more usable.

The most important programming languages used in web design:

The rest of the other languages all depend on these two languages, HTML & CSS. Designing and building websites depends on my language. They are the basis in the process.

It is considered simple and easy to use.

Who are the people who can request electronic website design?