Website design companies in Jordan

Website design in Jordan:

Why have most companies and commercial activities in Jordan needed to design websites and design applications, because they have achieved great success for most startups and medium-sized companies, at a rate less than twice the normal period for the growth of any commercial activity? One of the first steps taken by companies in Jordan is to design websites. In this article, we will explain to you the design of websites in Jordan.

Website design companies are famous for designing websites in Jordan that have a distinctive and unique character that suits the taste of the Jordanian user for each process of creating a modern website, in addition to electronic marketing and search engine optimization services.


How to design websites in Jordan:

Website design methods differ from one company to another, according to a set of standards that the company sets based on its mission, and among these steps are the following:

Get to know the project information:


Most of the web design companies in Jordan prefer to get acquainted with all the information from the beginning until the completion of the design process, the goal of the establishment, the message of the company or institution, and obtaining accurate answers on the subject.

Studying competitors:

One of the most important steps in website design in Jordan is to study competitors in detail, identify their weaknesses and work to solve them.

Website design companies in Jordan

Design and planning:


The planning stage is prior to the design stage, in order to determine the general shape of the user interface for the content of the site, and it is one of the most important steps because the better the planning, the more the user desires to use the application. The goal of visiting the site is satisfied.

* Site type:

The type of site to be designed depends on the required characteristics and the ability and capabilities of the customers. The company provides all advice and guidance on the appropriate type and leaves the selection process to the customer.

Domain name:

It is a distinctive name that is not repeated more than once, usually with the same name of the commercial activity. It is preferred that the name of the commercial activity be short and easy to pronounce and remember, in addition to the extension, whether it is educational, governmental, or others.

Mobile compatibility:

Because most users browse websites from the mobile, so the display must be suitable for the mobile, and the search engine recently launched an update that excludes all devices that are not compatible with the mobile.

*Restore files:

Also, one of the basics of web design is that it contains the feature of restoring and saving automatic files in the event of any error that can be referred to at any time.

Programming companies in Jordan:

There is a group of programming companies in Jordan. A web design programming company that has experience and professionalism in working with modern designs suitable for the Egyptian market can be used. Programming companies in Jordan provide excellent website hosting with large capacities, in addition to that all websites are suitable for search engines, multilingual control panels It is suitable for all users as it is easy to use and simple.

* The cost of designing a website in Jordan: -

Website design prices in Jordan differ from the rest of the Arab Gulf, where they are considered the lowest in price due to the high supply and demand together. However, in general, programming companies in Jordan are highly professional, and their prices for ready-made websites range between 450-600 dinars, while software websites and stores range between 1200- 2500 dinars according to the type and characteristics of the site.

app design companies in Jordan

  * Do programming companies in Jordan provide website and application design:

The Tailors Company is distinguished among the various companies for its ability to provide web design projects and applications together, because it has an integrated work team and has the ability to manage time and tasks and deliver projects according to the agreed schedule. Therefore, if you are looking for web and application design in Jordan, your first destination is The Taylors in addition to marketing and promotional work.

The difference between web programming and web design:

Many people confuse the matter between programming and website design. Some think it is one and others think that it is completely different. Below we explain the difference:

Website programming is intended to create websites using well-known programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Magento, and others. It often gives a result similar to the designed websites, but it is characterized by being of high quality that can be customized according to the client’s needs. It is safer and more difficult to penetrate. The prices of software websites range from an average of 1500 Dinar .

Website design is intended to create websites using ready-made template platforms known as WordPress, OpenCart, Commerce, and others. It gives a user interface similar to software websites, but it is less in terms of quality, in addition to the difficulty of customizing some properties according to the customer’s request, but it is also safe and difficult to penetrate. The prices of ready-made websites are less expensive, as they range Between an average of 500 dinars.


What are the services provided by programming companies in Jordan:

Website programming and design services.

* All kinds of administrative systems in Jordan.

* Social media pages management services and content writing.

* Hosting websites and applications.

* Design Android and iPhone applications.

* Service funded ads on social media and Google Ads.

* Search Engine Optimization.

* Video montage and motion graphics.


Website design companies in Jordan Why submit The Tailors with

One of our primary goals is to present ideas and proposals for programming and designing websites based on various experiences in the Egyptian market in particular and the Arabian Gulf in general, which made the company with high horizons, software capabilities and modern ideas that contribute to developing commercial activities in Jordan and gaining customer satisfaction.

The experiences of many clients have proven that the designs of A 

The sites are done in a professional manner, friendly to search engines, and speed of use, in addition to increasing awareness and sales growth. Our sites were characterized by safety, quality, and unlimited hosting with technical support service, after-sales services, and building a visual identity from scratch. This is in addition to the best prices without competitors, gifts, and discount coupons.

Despite the intense competition market, we were able to enter and penetrate the programming and web design market in Jordan, provide our services to a group of companies and individuals, and achieve the best results for each site with the audience that suits its commercial activity.


Websites in Jordan:

Websites are divided into a group of types:

1- News websites

2- Introductory websites for individuals and companies.

3- Electronic stores.

4- Governmental and educational websites.

5- Blogs and forums.


Application programming company in Jordan:

Because the design of mobile applications today has become more important than ever before, The Tailors company offers application programming in Jordan, by programming applications in a professional manner and the best designs that suit the behavior of the Jordanian user.

Providing a set of ideas for the user interface in a way that meets his basic needs from using the application. Therefore, Taylors is considered the best application programming company in Jordan.