The first step that must be taken when starting any business is to design a website because it helps to get acquainted with the company’s work system and what it offers, but what needs to be well known is the cost of designing a website before starting to take any steps. In this article, we will explain the details.

How much does a website design cost:

The cost of designing a website depends on a group of factors, because there are many types of websites that suit all business owners, and they are usually divided into programming sites and ready-made template sites, but software sites are often attractive and help customers stay longer within the site, but they are more expensive than other sites. With ready-made templates, however, many people need to know how much money to design a website.

Factors determining the cost of website design:

1/ Ready-made formwork systems:

They are systems that provide ready-made templates for designing ready-made websites, and you do not need knowledge of writing code, and you can build entire websites such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and others.

Ready-made template systems are easy to use, learn, add, delete, and modify, with the possibility of retrieval at any time, and additions that help you to use all the features, in addition to the low cost, but they cannot be used in all projects.

2/ Custom software systems:

It is a professional website design by writing code from creation to delivery, but it takes longer in design and cost by using special techniques and programming languages. The expected time for software projects is from 45-60 days and sometimes more.


3/ Cost of domain and hosting:

The cost of designing a website varies if it includes the domain and hosting or without the cost of the domain and hosting. Before the hosting reservation process, it is necessary to know the requirements of the site and the space it needs within the site.

4/ Textual content and graphic designs:

Sometimes some parties provide content for the site and designs, which helps to reduce the cost to the lowest possible extent. It is preferable that the content be exclusive, unique and not written by robots or artificial intelligence.

5/ Paid ready-made template systems:

In ready-made template systems, there is a free type and another paid type. The paid one represents additional features when designing that increase the quality of the design and thus increase the design costs over the free one.

6/ SEO:

When we talk about search engines, we basically mean Google, as it is the first search engine. Upon completion of the site design, it needs visitors to the site in order to fulfill the purpose of its design. search .


Website design quote:

Many people need to know a website design quote before starting and planning the website design process to get a website design quote. You must know a set of things on the basis of which the quotes are determined to get a quote. Contact us.

WordPress website design price:

In addition to the prices of the cost of designing a website, some people need to know the price of designing a WordPress website, especially, and it is one of the most ready-made software systems because of its set of advantages. The price of designing a WordPress website is very low, especially if the template is free, ranging between 7000-12000 pounds, with a maximum of this cost. Including the domain and hosting for the first year, after which it is renewed at the owner’s own expense.


The cost of creating a website in Saudi Arabia:

When we talk about the cost of creating a website in Saudi Arabia, we are talking about a domain and a layer of protection and hosting. As we mentioned, the web design process is a process that depends on several factors, in addition to the different types, as it is often

It ranges from 1,000 riyals to 30,000 riyals, but you can communicate with experts in the field, such as

    To determine your requirements and prices for the necessary design. the tailors


What are the website design prices:

When it comes to website design, a group of unrealistic misleading rumors circulate, but here are some of the prices that are closest to the figures in the Egyptian market.

1/ A website for a real estate company, including all site additions, ranging from 22,000 pounds – 65,000 pounds.

2/ Prices for introductory web design, including all additions, range from 20,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds.

3/ All educational sites include all extras, ranging from 25,000 EGP – 45,000 EGP.

4/ All other types of websites, the average cost is 30,000 pounds.

These prices are for software sites or coding programs in an approximate manner, sometimes they are subject to decrease or increase according to the details of the sites.


* The cost of designing a website by freelancers - freelancers:

One of the methods that many people rely on when they need to design a website is to reach a person who works as a freelancer to carry out the website design steps at the best prices and lowest costs, in addition to being full-time at work, which makes them work longer hours, which reduces the expected implementation time.

As it is known about the Free Lancer, it does its utmost to get the best image in front of customers and build a broader customer base.

However, when hiring an independent designer, some points must be specified in advance:

1/ Independent selection in geographical areas whose economy is less than or equal to the economy of your town, because this is directly reflected in the prices of Freelancers.

She explained that some information technology companies rely on the steel kiwi image because there is a study by a company

Directly on the freelancer, according to geographical areas, with less cost to create websites.

Which may save the site owner more than half of the amount he spends on creating a site entirely.

2/ Although self-employment has the advantages of completion in less time and lower costs than web companies, but from its disadvantage sometimes there is difficulty in the technical support process, so it must be

Your vision is long term or in the long term in case you need a backup or maintenance process.

3/ You find some freelancers, as a result of the lack of job security, asking for high sums of money on projects because their source of income depends on projects.

* Website design without costs: -

There are many tools that provide the advantage of designing websites for free without knowledge of the code and creating custom and professional emails, including the following:

1/ Godaddy:

It is a platform that provides web design, starting from domain and hosting, to designing the site for use at reasonable costs for everyone, while providing a layer of protection for the site.

* WordPress hosting:

Now more than two-thirds of the sites are running on the WordPress system, but they do not provide a domain reservation service, as is the case in Godaddy.

What about web design:

Each business owner has his own requirements and needs, so based on the needs, search for agencies that can provide you with assistance according to your plans.

There are many ways through which you can design your site at the lowest cost, best quality and most professional, up to $ 180.

The website is your destination in front of your customers and reflects the extent of your development and success, so do everything you can to design the best interface for you.