What is search engine optimization?

Recently, the term search engine optimization has become widespread among commercial activities, so when do you need a search engine optimization service when you want to increase the expansion of your business, by reaching your target audience with an accuracy of 90%, by using the keywords that the audience searches with ease, However, there are some mistakes that some website optimization specialists may make, by choosing keywords that are not related to your business. Therefore, when choosing carefully, you must select consulting agencies and experts.

It means configuring the site to keep up with Google search rules. (search engine optimization), which is the abbreviation of the word SEO, also known as (

In the latest statistics conducted on Google search engine analytics, search has become the main reference for all users, as they depend on it for everything they plan for, so it has become imperative for commercial activities to be present on these engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization work is divided into two parts:

1- Internal improvement of the site:

It includes a set of features, including the following:

Ensure that the content within the site is checked and that it is exclusive.

Ensure the speed of the website and that it is responsive to all devices.

Internal and external linking operations

No pages in the site are not working 404.

Add all Meta tag codes to the site.

Add a description to the images to help the robots identify them.

2- External improvement on site:

The external improvement of the site is tantamount to publicizing the site by placing links on the various sites that refer to it and have more than one image:

Blogger links (Duflo)

* Nofollow links

* Social media links

? seo & sem what is the difference between the

It is a set of results that Google shows on the search, according to the conformity of these sites to the SEO rules

The owners of these sites do not pay any money, and it is about 10 results that appear on the first page, but it usually takes 6-12 months for the site to appear on the free search results at the top of the first page, depending on the strength of competition.

It is a group of results that appear at the top of the first page of the search for a sum of money known as sem ads, either the


When do you use SEO and when do you use Google ads?

It is recommended to use search engine optimization (SEO) if the business continues throughout the year, then you need to improve your site because the cost of advertising throughout the year is very expensive and compared to the habit of investing is very weak, and the optimization process is only for one time and does not need to be modified frequently except by during content update or otherwise.

sem, but if the activity is seasonal or for a temporary period, such as holidays, parties, conferences, and all activities that are for a limited period, you can use

Also, one of the disadvantages of advertisements is that there are many clicks that are only for the purpose of inquiring about his information, which is due to the advertiser paying costs to a non-target audience.

best Search Engine Optimization

Do you need to hire a search engine optimization specialist or seek help from a distance?

Many business owners ask about the use of a search engine optimization specialist if your business is of a large size and your website is more complex, or you own more than one website, you may need to hire an employee, but if your business is medium or small and your website is modest, you can only Seek help only from an improvement expert from afar, because the process is continuous and may take several months only.

When is search engine optimization dangerous to your site?

The process of search engine optimization is basically a positive process, but it becomes a negative process in the case of using illegal methods in the optimization process, such as using links through sites that are prohibited by Google, the method of making fake visits to your website, trying to deceive the search engines, and all these methods are exposed to damage your site Or use pre-existing content on the search engine.

The most important tools that must be used when optimizing search engines: -
There are many tools used in the search engine optimization process, the first of which is Google Search Console, in addition to analysis tools such as

  The most important thing is to use the keyword tool and other tools, and be careful not to use link tricks.Ahrefs


Is it preferable to use a seo expert or a seo company?

Each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages, for example, when hiring a SEO expert, it is less expensive than the company, but if the person is incompetent in the work, you may not be able to determine the validity of his work. The company has one of its advantages that it is an institution and has its vision and mission and seeks to improve its reputation, but one of its disadvantages is that it is more expensive. .

How to extract keywords:

Keywords are extracted by a group of methods, including Google search and the keyword tool from Google Ads, and there are also many other tools.


How much does website optimization cost?

It is considered one of the most complicated matters is determining a fixed cost for the site improvement process because it differs from one country to another and from one project to another and from one type of site to another. Therefore, it is difficult to take things in one direction, and sometimes the site may need internal improvement only, and sometimes on internal and external, and in most cases the prices of site improvement range. Electronic from 600-800 dollars, depending on the project. As for the rest of the external improvement services, the prices of backlinks range from about 1-2 dollars per link.

What are the things that help to raise the ranking of the site: -

There are many factors that help to raise the ranking of the site, the most important of which are:

1- Ease of downloading the website on the browser.

2- The duration of visitors staying on the website, the longer the period, the higher the ranking of the site.

3- Good, attractive and useful content that satisfies the purpose of the visitor to the website.

4- Linking the parts of the site in a way that works to link the topics to each other.

5- Making advertisements on social media that lead to a visit to the mother

What questions do I ask a search engine optimization specialist:

There are many questions directed to each of the site improvement specialists or the site improvement company:
1- How many keywords are available in your project?
2- What is your expected project duration?
3- What are the methods and tools used by you?
4- The payment system available on a monthly or project basis?

Some things to consider when choosing your website optimization service:

The average duration of appearance in the search results is from 14-21 days of appearance, and it is not issued.
Google does not provide any guarantees and does not accept any material expenses to get the first place on the first page, so no one promises you that you will get the first place.
The average lead time is 4-6 months, depending on the competition and the age of the domain.
How search engines work and the mechanism of ranking sites:
There is more than one search engine, and each engine has its own characteristics and rules, but the most common is the Google search engine:
The Google search engine, due to the huge number of users and to maintain the quality of its results, updates its rules from time to time by a set of laws called search algorithms. Verification is done by robots or crawling spiders. Its main role lies in examining all the content of sites and determining the most appropriate among them.
This is done through a file called the robot text, through which it is allowed for robots to pass or not to pass through the content of the site and to determine the most appropriate content for the user’s search term.
When you enter a search term, the robots filter the search terms quickly and then extract the most appropriate ones. There are many factors affecting the results of search engines.
And above all, it places finding the appropriate content that serves the visitor and thus helps you to automatically lead the search results.

: domain authority What is domain authority?

Many people hear about the term Domain Authority, as it is about the fame that your site has gained among other sites. In short, it is the real backlinks that you have gained.
And this fame is issued by referring to high-ranking sites with Google, such as Wikipedia and others. The higher the reputation of the site with Google, the higher your ranking.
Each new site will face difficulty in being topped because the domain authority is usually weak and increases over time.