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HR management ERP system

success in managing your employees  ⇔ Double profit expectancy

The Personnel and Personnel Affairs Department program enables you to manage all administrative processes related to personnel and workers

  • A comprehensive system for all employee operations
  • Recording all employee data and can easily refer to it
  • Managing employee data " salaries, bonuses, allowances, discounts, attendance and departure times, and permissions "
  • Monitoring employee performance and workflow from anywhere, anytime
  • workshops and evaluations to develop The employees see the system of tasks and projects
  • The program supports more than one language
  • The program is completely secure
  • The ability to modify and change the powers of the program users through the admin
HR management ERP system

HR management ERP system Service Features

Backup copies

Our backup process is done on a daily basis and is available to you at any time without any problems and with the latest updates to the files

Unlimited hosting

we offer unlimited hosting in terms of speed, e-mails and space.

100% complete security

All servers provided by us are completely safe from viruses and fully protected from any attacks or hacks.

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